LANGTU Levitating Moon Lamps: Turn Your Place Into Space

"It's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.", thundered Neil Armstrong, as he became the first man to set foot on the moon in 1969.

The first moon landing was a major landmark event in human history. It marked a significant advancement for science and showed how far the extent of human boundaries had evolved - aptly summed up by Armstrong's words. Now imagine if you could take that giant leap forward - and take your living room to the next level. LANGTU levitating luna floating moon night light lamps will help you do just that.

LANGTU Magnetic Levitating Luna Floating 3D Printing LED Wireless Charging Moon Night Lamp Light Maple

The radiance of the moon never fails to mesmerise anyone. It’s not just the lamp of the entire world at night, but it also majestically adds charm to the atmosphere.  Moon - a symbol of love, light, mystery and beauty, is relished by people worldwide. Whether it’s a full moon or a moon covered partly by the clouds, it can make any night romantic and remarkable merely by its presence.

For ages now, people have written poems on the mystery and elegance of the moon. The moon is symbolic to a various number of things, but for every individual, it holds a different significance in their respective lives.

In this life of hustle bustle, we barely get a chance to breathe freely, but when we do, we often see ourselves finding our solace in nature. The moon is one major creation of nature, and it always succeeds in giving peace to our souls.

At least for a second in our lives, we all have thought about going to the moon. It may be impossible to go up to the moon, but you can have the moon in your home now - introducing, the LANGTU levitating moon lamps!

This floating moon lamp can turn your room into a spellbinding replica of the night sky. Built by state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, it precisely recreates the surface of the moon using NASA satellite images.

Using the latest levitation technology, this LED lamp floats in the air at all times - either rotating 360 degrees or stationary, as per your convenience.

LANGTU levitating moon lamps can overturn your room into a captivating space. Who wouldn't love to create such a sensational atmosphere in their room? Now you must be wondering, how exactly does this marvellous floating levitating lamp work? Watch this video for a detailed tutorial on how to get the optimum use out of the moon lamp.

Made out of PLA plastic via a 3D printer, the moon has a diameter of approximately 14cm and comes with a wooden base (2 colors are available, maple and walnut) and an adapter. Both the lamp and the wooden base has magnets that repel on the center point and makes the lamp levitate. The lamp lights could be turned off with the help of a sensor on the wooden base.

Given below are the steps to operate LANGTU levitating moon lamps:

1. Hold the lamp around the magnetic center (bottom area) with your ring finger and little finger.

2. Place it carefully on the wooden base, while keeping some distance between the lamp and the base.

3. Balance the lamp against the magnetic field. You will feel an upward force when the lamp has caught the center of the wooden base. When you feel it, let the lamp go gently. The lamp will now levitate.

4. You can make the lamp rotate, or you can let it stay static. Watch the moon change its colors periodically - from white to bright yellow to orange. Let the lamp do its work and infuse magic in your room.

This levitating moon lamp's capability to light up your room is unparalleled - much like the moon landing was, and still is, an unparalleled feat for human mankind. It is perhaps the ultimate Home Decor gift you can get. It's impossible this unique lamp won't make your jaw drop with earthly gravity. 

Isn't this Moon lamp a creative gift at its best? You can buy LANGTU levitating moon lamps here.

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